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A network of transport solutions

  • SMRT Trains is the dominant train operator in Singapore, operating and maintaining the North-South and East-West Lines, Circle Line and Bukit Panjang Light Rail Transit system.
  • SMRT Buses manages a fleet of over 1,450 buses and provides 99 bus services.
  • SMRT Taxis is the third largest taxi operator in Singapore, managing a fleet of over 3,000 taxis, and has more than 20 years of experience in taxi operations.
  • Strides Transportation offers a whole fleet ranging from luxury limousine and spacious private car services to premium bus transportation, providing abundant options for travelling in comfort and style.
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Enhancing the travel experience

  • SMRT Commercial
  • manages the retail and advertising spaces within the SMRT network of MRT stations and bus interchanges, as well as our trains, buses and taxis. It achieved 97% occupancy, with over 860 retail units in the network.
  • also manages out-of-network businesses in media and marketing, as well as properties and retail management, including 40,000sqm of retail and food areas at Kallang Wave Mall, Singapore Indoor Stadium and Water Sports Centre.
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Expanding our technical capability

  • SMRT Automotive Services maintains close to 6,500 vehicles and is the market leader in Government-owned, non-military fleet maintenance. It provides comprehensive repair and maintenance services to external fleet owners as well as SMRT Buses’ and SMRT Taxis’ vehicles.
  • Singapore Rail Engineering provides rail engineering solutions to mass transit operators locally and internationally. It has joint ventures with Toshiba to market and supply energy-efficient propulsion systems to mass transit operators globally (excluding Japan), and with Faiveley Transport to provide Maintenance, Repairs and Overhaul services for rolling stock components in South East Asia (excluding Thailand).
  • SMRT International provides operations and maintenance, engineering consultancy and project management services overseas, and has been appointed as consultants for projects in Mauritius, Indonesia and India.
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The future of urban mobility

  • SMRT Services provides transport-related technical services and support capabilities, both locally and overseas. It also spearheads new and innovative growth paths in urban mobility for Singapore.
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Business model

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Our business model has been developed to transform the way commuters and our community live, work and play, bringing to life the concept of ‘Mobility at your service’. It is designed to build upon our strengths in Singapore, support our growth in the global transportation sector and reimagine urban mobility for the long-term benefit of our key stakeholders.

Our focus

Dedicated and professional workforce

We employ about 10,500 dedicated and committed people. We are committed to their development and training so they are able to serve and delight our commuters while working to achieve high standards of excellence in our daily operations.

Engineering and technological strength

Our expertise in engineering and technological innovations open countless doors for us to enhance our operations and allow us to conceive and incubate different models for urban mobility. In addition, our partnerships with various institutes enable us to tap multiple pools of resources for inspiration and to grow our capabilities.

Enabling the vision of a Smart Nation

We are onboard to realise Singapore’s vision of becoming the world’s first Smart Nation. As we move a nation, we are also developing capabilities for urban mobility for all.


We provide a complete suite of first- and last-mile connectivity solutions and aim to shift the paradigms of urban mobility through new technologies, innovative solutions and diverse travel options.

Driven by our culture

Our culture and core values underpin our focus on providing reliable, safe, efficient and sustainable services.

Our urban mobility capabilities

We provide a multi-modal transportation service across Singapore, combining our role in the operation of train and road networks with an eye on the future by reimagining urban mobility throughout the wider region.

Our capabilities lie in:

Our network of transport solutions
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Our ability to deliver service excellence
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Our focus on enhancing travel experiences
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Our engineering expertise
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Our drive towards the future of urban mobility
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How we create sustainable value

Customers and community

~3m Daily customer journeys in 2017

We provide our commuters with public transport options that are safe, reliable, of high quality and affordable. We continue to innovate and improve on our services to enhance our customers’ experience when travelling with us. We recognise that we play a critical role for a more inclusive society through accessible transport for everyone.

Strategic business partners

>90% Spending on local suppliers

Our ability to change urban mobility paradigms and provide excellent service to our customers relies on strong strategic alliances and collaborations with our business partners.

Employees and union

86% of our employees are sustainably engaged*

We invest heavily in training and engagement initiatives to continuously develop our employees’ expertise and skills. Our people are engaged, energised, empowered and proud to share SMRT’s vision.

* Organisation Climate Survey by Towers Watson

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Steering our strategy

Our business model steers the five thrusts of our strategy to become a key player in the global transportation sector.