We are driven by service excellence and are working hard to provide safe, reliable and pleasant journeys for all.

With a portfolio of effective, efficient and sustainable mobility offerings, SMRT Corp reimagines the commuter experience through new technologies, innovative solutions and diverse travel options to meet all travel needs. With Mobility at Your Service, SMRT Corp transforms the way our community lives, works and plays.

Our Vision

Moving People, Enhancing Lives

Our Mission

To be the people’s choice by delivering a world-class transport service and lifestyle experience that is safe, reliable and customer-centric

Our Core Values

Safety & Service Excellence
Responsibility & Respect

SMRT Corporation

This logo represents SMRT Corporation Ltd (SMRT Corp).

The SMRT Logo and red roundel respresent our enduring heritage.

The “SMRT” typeface is oriented towards the right, projecting SMRT as a dynamic and forward-looking company that strives relentlessly towards excellence in public transport. Red highlights the passion and energy we embody.

When the roundel was first conceived in 1983, the two bands were meant to symbolise the two main rail lines being built then – the North-South and East-West Lines. Cutting across the circle at the centre, the bands portray how the system is a combination of at grade, viaduct and underground rail lines. Over the years, the roundel has come to symbolise our island-wide operations that encompass our trains, buses and taxis.

The gold band accentuates our continued emphasis on excellence.