In 2017, SMRT commemorated 30 years of train operations. Over the last three decades, we have journeyed to provide multi-modal public transport services. As we look ahead, our task is clear: to deliver an outstanding MRT system which puts commuters first and that can be the pride of Singapore.

Ensuring Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, Safety and Security

The SMRT team must deliver cost-effective public transport services that provide reliable, seamless and a pleasant travel experience for our community. There should be fewer disruptions; and with an ongoing preventive and predictive maintenance regime, our trains and road vehicles must spend less time in the workshop. Our system therefore needs to rise to and be sustained at the highest standards of reliability, availability, maintainability, safety and security (i.e. RAMSS).

An SMRT Readiness Inspection Team (READI) has been set up to enhance quality standards in rail maintenance and engineering. This is being led by an Assistant Chief Executive at SMRT Trains, who is also working closely with the Land Transport Authority (LTA) as Chief of Joint Readiness Inspection to audit standards in rail maintenance and operations at SMRT.

In addition, we are working on our multi-year rail renewal efforts, strengthening the operations and maintenance teams, and building robust engineering capabilities to enhance RAMSS. These initiatives aim to continually deliver desired rail performance over the entire life of our MRT system. SMRT will continue to collaborate with LTA and various stakeholders to keep the MRT network resilient and robust.

Ongoing Plans & Focus

We are pushing ahead to complete most of the renewal works on the North-South and East-West Lines by 2020. Later this year, we will scale up pre-opening preparations for the Thomson-East Coast Line, which opens progressively from 2019. We are also participating actively in the Rapid Transit System Link project that will connect Singapore and Johor Bahru to benefit the people of Singapore and Malaysia.

For our Bus business, we must keep pace with emerging trends as technology continues to transform the way public bus services are delivered. At the same time, our SMRT Commercial, SMRT Taxis, SMRT Services, SMRT International and corporate business teams should stay focused on making SMRT future-ready and support the push to offer best-in-class options in urban mobility.

Putting People First

At SMRT, our Common Purpose is to “build trust and bring on smiles, every day and in everyone who journeys with us”. When our commuters experience reliable and comfortable transport services, we gain their trust and confidence.

We must continue to develop and train our people and build a highly disciplined and competent organisation that performs to its fullest potential. This is critical especially as we quicken our pace to acquire new technology in rail engineering and boost our capabilities.

Our priority is to improve the work lives and workflows of our workforce, while ensuring a safe working environment for our staff. To nurture a disciplined workforce culture, we are implementing Kaizen company-wide. At SMRT, Kaizen embodies “Continuous Improvement” (改善 in Mandarin, Peningkatan Berterusan in Malay, or Image in Tamil). We are establishing more efficient workflows and processes in our depot workshops, allowing our workers to carry out tasks diligently with stronger accountability, ownership and discipline.

This should enable us to achieve higher overall productivity, with higher Mean Kilometres Between Failures per labour cost: a more motivated, disciplined and productive worker will lead to MRT trains travelling a longer distance before encountering a delay of more than five minutes.

We must push for higher standards of service to serve commuters as best we can. A strong Service Culture goes beyond friendly and courteous service. It is about putting commuters at the heart of everything we do at SMRT. We have therefore appointed a Chief Commuter Engagement Officer to focus on commuter feedback and to better understand their needs.

We have also enhanced our SMRTConnect mobile application, providing commuters with real-time train arrival timings. In addition, we have appointed a Chief Technology Officer, two Chief Maintenance Officers, a Chief Operating Officer, and a Chief Spokesperson to strengthen specific job functions. We hope these steps will deepen SMRT’s capabilities to better serve our commuters.

Thank You

We thank our commuters for their patience and understanding as we work hard to provide safer, more reliable and customer-centric services.

At SMRT, we must all have the courage to undertake the task ahead of us. This is the only way to serve our commuters well and to build an outstanding MRT system we can all be proud of.

To the Board, I extend my deep appreciation for the support and guidance you provide to SMRT. I would also like to express my gratitude to the management, employees and union leaders for their continued diligence, discipline and passion. You have soldiered with us over the last 30 years. You have my unwavering and full support as we continue to work with key stakeholders to drive reliability and build trust by putting commuters first.

Seah Moon Ming